There’s still hope of intelligent life in the galaxy


7 Earth-sized worlds have been discovered and maybe, just maybe, they hold life

Beam us up. Big news today from NASA: Scientists have found a network of planets that could harbor water and life. It’s a big deal because astronomers have never found a star circled by so many Earth-like planets with relatively pleasant climates. And, we repeat, there could be LIFE there. The new herd of planets circles a tiny dim bulb of a star called TRAPPIST-1, which shares its name with the Belgian-operated telescope that discovered some of the planets and, not coincidentally, with a beloved Belgian beer. Cheers to that. Oh, and it’s National Margarita Day … so cheers to that, too.

Trump draws fire from Mexico, plans new rules for transgender students

Mexico’s foreign minister said Wednesday that his country will not accept” the imposition of new U.S. immigration rules announced by President Trump and is willing to take the matter to the United Nations. Many Americans are showing up at town halls to express frustration the Trump administration. The president dismissed the “so-called angry crowds” as the work of “liberal activists” in a tweet. He likely will spark more debate when he announces new rules outlining which restrooms transgender students can use.

Would the owners of a Lexus, Porsche or Toyota please step forward?

No, it’s not because you left your lights on. It’s because you have one of the most dependable cars — congrats! The auto brands topped J.D. Power’s dependability ratings, which means owners of these cars experienced the fewest issues. Lexus and Porsche both reported 110 problems per 100 cars, followed by Toyota at 123. A bulk of the problems drivers reported were related to car technology (like getting your smartphone to pair with the car’s Bluetooth). Own a Fiat? Sorry, you’re at the bottom of this list.

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