Scarlett Johansson’s Dog Is A Trump Supporter On ‘SNL’


“Your dog is a monster.”

“Saturday Night Live” finally featured a lovable Donald Trump supporter.

In a new skit that aired Saturday, Scarlett Johansson plays a scientist who has invented a device that turns animals’ thoughts into words. To impress their financial backers, Johansson straps the device to her dog Max.

“Hi, I’m Max,” the pug says. “I like park and leash. And I like Trump. He’s my man.”

Yes, to the horror of the “SNL” cast, ScarJo’s dog is a fan of President Donald Trump.

When Johansson suggests there must be some kind of glitch, Max reaffirms his support for The Donald.

“There’s no glitch. Donald Trump is our president,” the dog says. “He carried the Electoral College fair and square.”

Baffled at the dog’s political leanings, the scientists try to scold him for liking Trump, but Max just keeps listing reasons the president is great.

“I know he has issues, but one big change is better than business as usual,” Max says, adding that the Dow is up 2,700 points since Election Day. “What’s not to like?” he asks the humans in the room.

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